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And no bucket lists (I'm just so bored by all these bucket lists popping up left and right). I just want 2017 to be colourful.
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- the long evenings
- fireflies
- walking barefoot in sandals or shoes (ideally wearing turquoise nail-polish - shame I didn't have time for that yet)
- ice-cream (I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream ...)
- going for a swim in a lake (adventure!)
- dining outside (with no nasty insects near)
- having a siesta on the weekends
- garden parties
- dressing up for garden parties
- the summer holidays (they should be endless like when I was a child)
- a lightness of being that only exists in summer
- the soft air in the morning
- the wind whispering in the birch trees that sings me to sleep in the afternoon
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It was [ profile] tvillingar who lured me into this. Or maybe I had too much wine for dinner. Or maybe I actually like the idea of taking up posting again. Anyway, I'd like to give it a try. I really do. *crosses fingers behind her back* Because to me lj seems a somehow poetic medium (compared to FB or others, and as much as I like the pics on pinterest, this is not a place where you communicate with others). And what I like about lj is that I don't have to share my RL and I don't need to stage it, but I can share the bits and pies pieces  - and pics! - I find somehow memorable.
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On my two Pinterest moodboards:

Spring has sprung    and       New Beginnings
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And what a shame ... seems Mr. Mortensen attended the Berlinale and I'll be in Berlin not before next week.

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Let's hope this year will be just peaceful and quiet and happy.
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I'm utterly thrilled to see this one - because what' s not to love about it? *hyperventilates*Jim Jarmusch. Tilda the Divine. And Mia's there, too. Awwwwwwww, this looks exactly like the vampire film I always wanted to see  ....

Pics and clips from the film at my pinterest board
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So this is the recipe from my cook book (but I have to admit, I never actually tried out this one  - if you try it, please let me know whether it worked out). I have no idea whether it's difficult to use the molds or not, but the cookies sure look lovely! Have fun baking :-)
Springerle cookies )
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The other day I was thinking how very well things turned out for me this year. And that this year, for the first time in long years, I may be able to just enjoy the advent season, see friends, go the cinema (often!), enjoy the Xmas markets, perhaps even manage to buy my presents in time. Next thing on my agenda (oh yeah, I can't help it, there always seems to be an agenda), is baking cookies together with my darling friend S next Saturday. 
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Leggy!pic swiped from [ profile] bestorlando, forest found on pinterest.
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Well, well, well - to tell you truth I wasn't overly enthusiastic about The Hobbit (the film), mainly because I always preferred LotR (both book and film). Still, it never ceases to amaze me what fantastic universe evolved from that very first sentence: "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit."
So I'm certainly going to see it next month.
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And I seriously hope for some mild sunny days now. I long for summery nights, going out with friends, wearing dresses (without several layers of coats and scarves and sweaters on top). And I'd love to just take it easy for a change. My favourite escape these days is Fleeing France Browsing that page's like taking a short holiday. And I guess I'm badly in need of a holiday.
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I want some at least over here.
Peony RosaAnemonen Peonies
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Because fuck, yeah, today was nearly perfect. Spent the evening mowing my tiny hobbit garden. And it was warm and the lilacs smelled sweetly and it was almost summer. Now if tomorrow and the day after that I actually manage to do all the to-dos from my list it would be sheer perfection. But, coming to think of it, wouldn't sheer perfection be rather boring? Just two more things - why didn't they invent tumblr 10 years earlier? I so could have put up all my pics there. And why is it raining/thunderstorming AGAIN now?
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Awww, yes, I can't wait to enter these rooms.
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I can't believe it's happening. Really happening. I refuse to think about it. And I refuse to say more. I'm afraid words could jinx it. I'm patient. I'm persistent. And I'll do EVERYTHING to make it happen.
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No, this no real constellation, but a part of the Urban stargazing project by Oscar Lhermitte.

Maybe it is, but persistence can work wonders, too.
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Pic from Vogue December 1984, Styling by Grace Coddington, Photograph by Bruce Weber

Love the ultimate spring-ness of this pic. I wish it was warmer so I could go out and do a bit of gardening styled like this. Ok, I certainly wouldn't wear a skirt and it wouldn't be Chanel either. Minor details.  What counts is that winter will be over. Soon.
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